My Best Pajamas offers Luxurious Women’s Silk Pajamas, Women’s Satin Pajamas, and Women’s Lingerie

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Why Silk or Satin Pajamas??

Silk and satin are a natural hypoallergic material.  Dust mites, for example, do not like living in this kind of fabric.  A person who has a lot of allergies would benefit from silk or satin sheets and pillow cases. 



Silk and satin pajamas are also very durable.  Most people think of silk and satin as very light, almost "fly-away" material.  This is true for the lightweight fabric.  MY Best Pajamas sells both medium and heavyweight pajamas.  This is not to say that the pajamas are heavy in actual weight.  It means there are more threads per inch so they are very durable. It's very similar to sleeping in a soft cotton T-shirt.


Pajamas were originally made from heavy cotton but no longer.  Modern pajamas come in all kinds of styles and fabrics.  We feature silk and satin pajamas but we are slowly adding pajamas made from a variety of fabrics to give you more chioces.  Comfy Pajamas, sexy pajamas, lounging pajamas, we have them all.